About Us

  Blue Dog Studios is a fully functional production studio created to serve all your multimedia needs, owned and operated by Paul Switzer and his dog Jake (aka. Blue Dog). Paul has been in the multimedia business in its various forms for more than 15 years. Listed are brief descriptions of the diverse skills and experience he emphasizes and brings to your production.  
  • Sound Design - Involved in music and band since 1986 and winning the Texas State Marching Band Competition in 1989, music is actually the medium that began his multimedia career. He has also involved himself in the technical end audio attending many sound design classes as well as learning both the analog twenty-four track sound board and the digital Pro-Tools sound studio.

  • Video/CD Production - He first started producing and editing video as an amateur as far back as 1987. Since then, he has shot music videos, comedy skits, commercials, and educational spots, winning third place in 1990 for an anti-smoking commercial shot, edited, and submitted to the American Lung Association††. His current focus is adding computer animation and special effects into digital video which in turn can be recorded to either VHS tape, CD/DVD ROM's or Digital Media.
  • Graphic Design - He really started to learn about design when he got his first computer, (Commodore 64) in 1988; It was then he came to a revelation:" I realized there was a whole new world of possibility out there in which to expand and create my ideas with virtually no limits.". It would be some time before the World Wide Web (www.) was so publicly available or Multimedia was offered as a major, so computer-aided graphic design was his focus, learning virtually every Adobe and Macromedia program. Coming up with some very entertaining ads, TV spots, and video ideas, these skills have enabled him to create some interesting interfaces, exciting presentations, and innovative computer graphics ( the forum in which the skills are most used today).

  • Professionalism - "Finishing my studies in Multimedia and Web Design at AIH with a cumulative 3.7 GPA, multimedia was not only my passion, but a fun and invigorating outlet for my creative talents. The object is to create a piece of art, not a quick dollar." Being a Creative Director/Multimedia Designer for over 13 years, Paul has both the experience and education to do any job. He personally guarantees your satisfaction in taking your vision and making it a reality no matter what lengths. Mac and PC proficient, he also provides that your product will look great no matter what operating system or forum it is being viewed on.
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